I love shirts, and I love dresses, so turning a shirt to a dress is the sweetest combination ever! Like I had so much fun combining this look, it may not look like much but I had to make a statement someway somehow.
In case you are wondering, yes it is really my hubby’s shirt! I mean his stuff is mine too right? I love raiding his closet and I think he loves it hehe. I wanted to style a shirt with no pants and I thought to myself, why buy a shirt when you can steal (take) his.The trick is, for this look, you may need to go for an oversized shirt, when it’s true to fit, it may give a different look. I was going to take some photos with the shirt without the belt, that is also another way of wearing it. Hmm, let’s enjoy this look, I will save it for another day. Maybe a patterned shirt will be best suited for a no belt shirt dress look.
So like you already know, I’m wearing my hubby’s shirt, I think they are Charles Tyrwhitt, he wears really fitted shirts, so it doesn’t look bad on me. I styled the shirt with this red belt I got from Stradivarius, and paired it up with this gorgeous red heels. Accessorized with this beautiful pair of silver earrings and we are ready!I think this is a beautiful and easy look you can easily pull off. Get in your Man’s closet, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find!


My name is Violet Ezedimora, I have been obsessed with Fashion since I can remember. Fashion for me is a way of expressing Myself, It speaks in different languages and adds to the beauty of life. A well combined clothing can make you feel very good about yourself, and you do not need to spend a fortune to look amazing. This Shade of Violet is inspired by my passion for Fashion, Lifestyle and Photography, and I hope it reaches anyone who shares the-same passion with me.


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