Winter! That season that stops us from wearing those really nice and colorful clothing we want right? arggghh! How unfair is that? Well, I’m saying no! I am staying stylish with this coat, beret, sandals, and tights. In case you are asking, YES you can stay warm from the cold and still look HOT. Ehm, if that makes sense lol. I call this look, My Sassy winter Look!


My name is Violet Ezedimora, I have been obsessed with Fashion since I can remember. Fashion for me is a way of expressing Myself, It speaks in different languages and adds to the beauty of life. A well combined clothing can make you feel very good about yourself, and you do not need to spend a fortune to look amazing. This Shade of Violet is inspired by my passion for Fashion, Lifestyle and Photography, and I hope it reaches anyone who shares the-same passion with me.


  1. I think my siblings should check this out partixularly now that they are in d US

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