I am feeling all shades of cool with this look, you know how I mentioned my devotion to dresses in the last blog post? Well, this is what I mean. I feel like I have cheated on dresses all this while, but I have the weather to blame for that. If we haven’t met, I am Violet Ezedimora and my love for dresses knows no bounds šŸ˜€ And today, Iā€™m wearing this beautiful soft and gorgeous red dress from Asos, I love how effortlessly lovely it looks. This dress is perfect for pretty much anything; a night out, casual day, it just depends on how you accessorize. The silver Zip detail also added to the cheerful beauty of this dress. For shoes, I opted for this stunning thigh high boots from Zara, the style of the boots; especially the shape of the heel made me fall in love when I saw it, I knew I had to get it! The material is soft leather, and the feeling is so cool on the skin, I think it really complimented this look..and my legs of course!


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