Hi guys, welcome back to my blog… How did you miss me? On today’s post, I will be talking about this boss chic look! Well, now that summer is gradually coming to an end, I guess we must show as much vibrant colours as we can before we hibernate.

This two-piece double breasted pink suit came with a slight doubt on the verge of purchase, but I tell you, it is totally worth the decision to buy. I got this suit from Zara online (Well I do 99.9% of my shopping online hahaha) I liked the fit on the model that helped with my decision. I was a bit sceptical of the colour, but opted for it, instead of the very popular yellow it also comes in. 

I fell in love instantly when I got them through the post, the colour is a bubble gum pink, or powder pink, the tone is so cool, you could easily rock it or style it how you want.  As Zara mostly use size 5’10 models, I was a bit concerned about the length of the trouser, I’m a bit taller and it wasn’t long enough on them. I still made it work, I loved it that much.

I wore this to match because I wanted to really showcase its colour and beauty in all its glory all buttoned up and proper but toned it down a bit with the black mules and accessorized with a belt bag.

You can wear this in various combinations. To match, like I have, with a white or black shirt or t-shirt. You can also mix and match the jacket with other pieces like black trousers or short tights, style it with a sandal heel, sneakers or pumps. Feel free to cool it down or pump it up! It is that versatile!

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My name is Violet Ezedimora, I have been obsessed with Fashion since I can remember. Fashion for me is a way of expressing Myself, It speaks in different languages and adds to the beauty of life. A well combined clothing can make you feel very good about yourself, and you do not need to spend a fortune to look amazing. This Shade of Violet is inspired by my passion for Fashion, Lifestyle and Photography, and I hope it reaches anyone who shares the-same passion with me.

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