Hi guys, welcome back to my blog… How did you miss me? On today’s post, I will be talking about this boss chic look! Well, now that summer is gradually coming to an end, I guess we must show as much vibrant colours as we can before we hibernate.

This two-piece double breasted pink suit came with a slight doubt on the verge of purchase, but I tell you, it is totally worth the decision to buy. I got this suit from Zara online (Well I do 99.9% of my shopping online hahaha) I liked the fit on the model that helped with my decision. I was a bit sceptical of the colour, but opted for it, instead of the very popular yellow it also comes in. 

I fell in love instantly when I got them through the post, the colour is a bubble gum pink, or powder pink, the tone is so cool, you could easily rock it or style it how you want.  As Zara mostly use size 5’10 models, I was a bit concerned about the length of the trouser, I’m a bit taller and it wasn’t long enough on them. I still made it work, I loved it that much.

I wore this to match because I wanted to really showcase its colour and beauty in all its glory all buttoned up and proper but toned it down a bit with the black mules and accessorized with a belt bag.

You can wear this in various combinations. To match, like I have, with a white or black shirt or t-shirt. You can also mix and match the jacket with other pieces like black trousers or short tights, style it with a sandal heel, sneakers or pumps. Feel free to cool it down or pump it up! It is that versatile!

You can find links to similar outfits below.

Jacket 1 Jacket 2 Trouser 1 Trouser 2 Mules 1 Mules 2

Welcome back to my blog guys! I know some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been posting for a while now. Well, nothing in particular. I have just been juggling lots of things and going through adulthood really. I am getting to understand what my parents meant when they adviced me about responsibilities as a woman! Hahaha I kid you not, growing up is no joke, I’m sure some of you can identify with that. But not to scare those without responsibilities yet, it’s actually not that bad…..psych!

Back to why we are here! This is one look I really wanted to share with you guys. Everything about this look vibes well with me. It screams class, elegant, stylish, chic, flirty, fun… you name it. The set is bright orange, but has a really cool undertone to it, the black single buttons on the jacket relaxed the bright colour of the outfit and made it look even more chic.

This outfit, however, might be a limited option for different occasions, but this is one statement piece that would not go unnoticed. Being that this is summer, you can’t go wrong with a bold colour.

I got this matching set from Asos, although they are sold separately. You can pair the jacket with a dress or even a jean. And you can also pair the skirt with a top, or a different jacket.

The orange mules are from Zara. They are velvety and the heels are really low, making it super comfy for anyone. I am really obsessed with mules at the moment, I literally wear them with everything, and they are so comfortable and yet stylish.

The black bodysuit is an old one from Prettylittlething. I think every woman should have a bodysuit of some sort in their wardrobe, it comes in handy when you least expect.
So it is safe to say an orange look is a whole VIBE on its own! All you need to do is wear it with a smile! 😀

Outfit links are down below. Unfortunately, this orange jacket is now sold out, but I have been able to find similar options here- JACKET 1 JACKET 2 SKIRT BODYSUIT 1 BODYSUIT 2 BODYSUIT 3